Helen Mather son is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes

On Wednesday morning, a representative for Kavakos sent another statement to NPR, which read in full: “I find accusations of any form of racism deeply upsetting and abhorrent. I will never accept any form of discrimination and I am vehement in my commitment to equal rights and inclusivity. If I have ever offended anyone by how I have previously spoken I wholeheartedly apologize to them and can assure them that any hurt caused was completely unintentional and does not reflect the person I am and my values.

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Please be proactive in the protection that you can provide for any of our native animals, and plants. Stand up for our planet! For goodness sake. STOP for turtles crossing the roads! ALL LIVES MATTER! If we cannot preserve what was here before we came.

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Feb. 26, 2020: G. Helen Mather son is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, the onset of which is largely attributable to two plus months of shameless binge eating (not the recommended method of coping with grief, let me assure you). Building costs have soared far from the coast as well. In Imperial County, one of the state’s poorest, the cost has climbed 70% in the last decade. And in Fresno County, the average price for affordable housing has doubled to $376,000 per apartment, an amount a third higher than a median single family home..

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